Latest WiredTree Coupon Codes

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WiredTree Coupons

Save 50% for 3 Months

This is the top WiredTree offer for October. Save 50% on your first three months of hosting.

10% off a WiredTree Hybrid Server

This October our visitors can save 10% off a SSD-Powered Hybrid Server from WiredTree.

Save 50% off Two Months of VPS

Make the move to better VPS hosting and save 50% on your first two months with this coupon.

50% off 2 Months of Hosting

Save 50% off your first two months of WiredTree hositng with this coupon code.

WiredTree Coupons

Save 50% or More at WiredTree this October

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WiredTree Fully Managed Hosting – Fast, Reliable, Affordable

Since the company was founded in 2006 WiredTree has quickly grown into most reliable, advanced, and secure complete managed hosting solution available. WT has always been a step ahead of their competition in the three most important area’s a hosting company can be: equipment, support and affordability. Their high performance Intel Xeon CPU’s are powered by SSD technology and boast 100% uptime.

WiredTree CodesThe expert and customer reviews of WiredTree speak for themselves. Unlike other hosts, you can read reviews of WiredTree’s service for hours without hearing a bad word about their service. Customer service is handled through their ‘Grove’ customer area, and they additionally provide 24x7x365 phone support. Their staff is dedicated to handling whatever your issue is on the first call, everytime.

Compared to some of their bigger name competitors WiredTree’s prices are significantly more affordable. With managed VPS starting at just $49 (and significantly less with the help of our coupons), you would think they are selling a lesser service than the companies that are charging $100… Quite the opposite, their equipment, support, team, service, speeds… are unmatched. From full SSD powered servers to Intel Dual Xeon CPUs (8+ Cores) and an overall commitment to speed, service and affordability, a VPS hosting account with WiredTree is, in our opinion, currently the best hosting solution available.

Why We Created a WiredTree Coupon Directory

First off, we are a small web development/SEO/Marketing team based out of St. Petersburg, FL, we work with hosting companies everyday. We understand that when it comes to hosting, there are bad companies, good companies, and great companies. WiredTree is a notch above the great ones, for larger clients that require managed hosting we go with WT every time. Promo codes always helped talk them into paying a little more for great hosting, but searching for them was a pain so we decided to create this site.

For anyone still on the fence about WiredTree, we recommend taking a look at their Support Services page, and compare it to some of the larger companies. Another key point to keep in mind with WiredTree is that they don’t off shared or reseller hosting. They are 100% committed to providing the absolute best dedicated, VPS and Managed Hybrid Server Hosting available. They have perfected the art of VPS hosting, and have dedicated their entire business, all of their servers, their sales and support staff, etc.. to developing and supporting a better VPS product.


This dedication to their very specific craft has resulted in earning a reputation for having the best product in the the industry. For those of you not familiar with the hosting industry, the majority of review and discount websites out there are affiliate driven. This website is an affiliate site and we do make a commission when you click our links and then purchase hosting, but this doesn’t affect the price you pay. Furthermore, if you research independent reviews of WiredTree, they will all say the same thing: superior VPS product and support at affordable prices. If you would like more information on WT and their affiliate program, visit the affiliate page on their website for details.